Bellalma s.s.a.

The company is located in the territory of the Perugini hills Bellalma s.s.a. between San Martino in Campo and San Martino in Colle. Organization, professionalism and planning are some of the factors that make this "start-up" a young but determined company. A work group that, on a weekly basis, plans and carries out the work of the vineyard as well as that of the offices.

Currently, according to the territorial average, the company "Bellalma S.S.A." falls into the category of medium-large companies, with its approximately 30 hectares completely planted with vines and well structured. Grechetto, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Ancellotta, Falanghina, Pinot Nero and Sangiovese are the prevalent varieties present, which guarantee one of the strong points from which to start for a quality product both in terms of grapes and wine.


La Bellalma s.s.a. has a fleet of efficient machinery and equipment, a shed, a garage, a warehouse with attached services for the workers and a residential building.

The attention for a quality winemaking passes from strategic choices "on the field", for example it was decided to put attention to the territory at the basis of the techniques used, activating all those agronomic operations with "low environmental impact" which are decisive for a process that guarantees a product of excellence with respect and protection for the environment. The company, indeed, does NOT carry out any chemical weeding, it has purchased a modern vehicle which, essentially, only mechanically guarantees the regulation of the grass and the many operations in the vineyard.

The company understands wine, and what revolves around it, as the sum of quality in the vineyard and quality in the cellar and therefore conducts continuous and scientific control of the processes in both production areas. The total production of the grapes is destined for transformation into wine, meaning that the company produces about 180,000 bottles of sparkling wine, white and red, in addition to the quantities foreseen for the sale of the bulk, which has been active since 2021.With the support of specialized wineries, waiting to be completely autonomous even in this part of the process, we guarantee the consumer a pure product which, as our loyal customers report, is never "intrusive or excessive".

In addition to the wine cellar and the tasting center, the company is active on the international market with a constantly expanding network.
One of the strengths is certainly represented by the articulated presence of white and red varieties, which allow the development of products with unique characteristics. 

Precisely in this regard, Bellalma has entrusted the winemaking, with a multi-year contract, to one of the best winemakers in the area. A young professional who is "building" wines that have an exciting response from a vast and articulated range of consumers.
"We want to share the experience of our vineyard, in our wine, with our friends, or with all those who want to know our philosophy of sincerity": this is the dictate of the company management that guides every choice.